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Get Energy. Get Focused.Get Supercharged

Get Energy. Get Focused.
Get Supercharged

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The world’s #1, all natural, liquid ORAL SHOT MIC B12+ Lipotropic Cocktail, with a sweet taste, designed to optimize your natural fat burning processes. Lipotropic nutrients promote, encourage and support the removal of fat from the liver and aid in burning excess fat for fuel and energy instead of just being stored away around your waist or as a double chin.*


Advanced Liquid Vitamin Technology

Active Ingredients’ Benefits

ZERO Compromise – Prescription Strength & Pharmaceutical Grade Results We have spared no expense to give you the world’s best & most effective SUPER MIC B12 LIPOTROPIC nutraceutical.

Advanced Liquid Vitamin Technology

Advanced Liquid Vitamin Technology


Naturally increase your energy without stimulants or caffeine to the level of Supercharged. Finally break through plateaus.

Regain focus and a sense of satisfaction by fueling your body with Supercharged nutrients for your brain. Reach your dreams.

Sculpt and shape your body to thrive. Getting vital nutrients will enable you to look and perform at your best.

Lipotropic nutrients naturally detox and remove fat from the liver. Healthy liver, healthy body. Feel and function at your best.

Happiness is where you want to be. Have more energy, exercise, eat better, feel better and you will be happy.

Active Ingredients’ Benefits


[ No hassles, no confusion, no injections or needles…just one simple Oral Shot! ]

Does it seem like our Super MIC-B12+ is loaded with a lot of high quality of Lipotropic ingredients? Well, it is. Our team of physicians researched the science, identified what are bodies need to get from nature for supercharged weight loss energy and put it all in one place, without the syringes but not without the energized punch!

No hassles, no confusion, no pain, no injections or needles…just one simple Oral Shot! But there is a reason other companies never do this…very little margin for us. We have relied on our client loyalty in our private clinics to stay in business and word of mouth to grow but now we want to share the secret of Super MIC-B12+ to public, one Oral Shot at a time.

The only natural, MEGA-LIPOTROPIC-NUTRIENT Oral Shot, Super MIC-B12+ designed to supercharge your body and weight loss.*

Injections Vs. Oral Shot

Pills Vs. Oral Shot

Injections Vs. Oral Shot


* NO Endorsement or Testimonial Has Ever Been Paid

– Dr. Jered W. – Doctor; Model; Wellness Consultant to the Stars, Musicians, and Professional Athletes
“I have tried a lot of products over the past 10 years and I found this to be the most effective fat burning and nutritional product on the market for myself, my clients, and my patients. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to increase optimal performance, boost overall health, and to simply look amazing!”

– – Dr. Jered W. – Doctor; Model; Wellness Consultant to the Stars, Musicians, and Professional Athletes

– Heather N. – Personal Trainer
“I have been a personal trainer for years, and yet I found even myself confused by all the products on the market for health and weight loss. In fact I have struggled at times to keep my own weight under control, even though I should know more than any one of my clients. Don’t be confused anymore! I simply take this one product and tell my clients to do the same. We are seeing results that I have not seen with anything else on the market. I am nearly 60 and I am in the best shape of my life! You literally cannot find a product that combines this many amazing ingredients.”

– – Heather N. – Personal Trainer

– Sasha P. – Mother, Model, Fitness Instructor
“After having my first baby, it was hard work to get back to even close to my prior level of fitness. After the second and third I was ready to throw in the towel. I was starting to believe that age and the kids had finally caught up to me. I had all the tools that used to work and for some reason I just could not get a breakthrough. I started taking all kinds of products that Dr. Oz would recommend. They would work some, and then I would switch to the next thing he would recommend. Then I found this product and it combined the best of pretty much everything Dr. Oz! I started taking this product and suddenly I was back to pre first baby weight in less than 3 months! Amazing and thank you!”

– – Sasha P. – Mother, Model, Fitness Instructor

– Fenny X. Author and Inventor
“I had been a writer and inactive for at least 15 years. I decided when I got a few bad reports from my doctor that not only should things change, they must change. And change they did. First I started to do light walking, but my belly bulge just would not budge. Also my blood sugar levels and cholesterol stayed as high as ever. So, I went on a very restrictive diet and I even lost a few pounds. Again, my blood tests were done and there was very little change. My trainer then recommended I get on your product and things became night and day different. Suddenly my energy levels were skyrocketing, my moods improved, and I can say that I almost enjoyed working out for the first time in my life. Within two weeks I had lost as much as I had in over 3 months! I continued this process and by the end of the first month I had lost over 15 pounds and right about 8 % body fat. Then the part I had been waiting for. A good report from my doctor; blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol all within normal range. Your product has helped me look better than I have since my teens and has given me health that I could not find anywhere else!”

– – Fenny X. Author and Inventor



In every serving you get:
  • • Rapid Fat and Weight Loss Potential*
  • • Preservation of Lean Muscle Mass Support*
  • • Increased and Sustained Supercharged Energy*
  • • High Absorption and Bioavailability*
  • • Focus and Mood Enhancement Support*
  • • Appetite Control Support*
  • • Body and Liver Detoxification Support*
  • • High Potency*
  • • No Compromises
  • • Our Money Back Guarantee

Pills Vs. Oral Shot

Pills Vs. Oral Shot